About Us

How did we get here?

 In 1995 a hobby turned into a business.  For years we have been heavily involved in shooting and hunting sports.  That passion and hobby turned into the business that it is today with approximately 10,000 firearms repaired or manufactured.  To date we have built, modified, or repaired firearms that have been used for both hunting and competition in and out of the country 

What can you expect?

 You can expect service and an atmosphere to allow your requests to become reality.  

Why us?

We are a family friendly store.  We treat everyone as we we'd like to be treated, and from the moment you walk into our shop, our staff will ensure you receive the respect you have come to expect and deserve.  We are a family owned store with family values, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a professional environment that will make anyone of any age, gender, or background comfortable in our shop!