Frequently Asked Questions


I Want to order a new custom rifle or pistol. How soon will I get it?

We do not quote time frames.  As much as we try to get projects out as quickly as possible build times can be as long as 6-8 months.  Factors such as component lead times and work load effect these times.  We do not sacrifice quality by rushing a project.  Your project is yours and should be as ordered!

I want to have repairs made to my firearm. What is the general lead time?

General repair and custom work lead times vary by the season, but normal times are 3-4 weeks for general services.  Refinish work and custom projects will have longer lead times. These are only estimates.  We do not quote exact time frames.  

I want to drop off or send my firearm in for work. Can someone else pick it up or recieve it?

Unfortunately per ATF we can only return or send the fiream back to whomever sent it or dropped it off.

How can I send my firearm to you?

We recommend shipping via UPS, in a padded hard case wrapped with card board.  We recommend insuring it for the approximate cost it would cost you to replace it.  We will only  ship the item back to you in a hard case.  Items not sent to us in a hardcase will have the cost of one added to the balance of your invoice.

How do I get a custom project started?

The process is simple.  We will work with you to spec out exactly what you want.  This is your project so you should get what you want.  Once we complete the spec sheet we will email it to you to confirm this is exactly what you want.  When you send the sheet back and once we recieve the down payment (50% of total project cost) we will start your project.