south Carolina Concealed Carry Course

This Course Covers:

  • Statutory and case law pertaining to the use of force.
  • South Carolina laws regarding firearms and concealed weapons permits.
  • Proper firearms storage practices
  • Liability and responsibility related to firearms.
  • Firearms safety.
  • Firearm manipulation and operation.
  • Concealment techniques and drawing from concealment.
  • Range Qualification
  • Written Exam

  • Course meets all SLED and South Carolina State Law.
  • The $50 CWP fee to SLED is not covered in the cost of the course.
  • Course attendees must be at least 18 years of age.  21 years of age to submit CWP paperwork to SLED.
  • Practical portions of the course will be held outside.  Proper range attire is required.
  • Extra magazines are highly recommended.
  • A strong side waist holster and sturdy belt is required.  No cross draw, small of the back or shoulder holsters.
  • Lunch and refreshments are the responsibility of the student.
  • Students are required to bring a printed SLED application to class for registration.  
  • You can make an appointment with IdentGo to have your electronic fingerprints completed.  Your application packet can be turned in there.
  • Course Cost  $70 per person ($50 for practical exempt students.)

Persons Exempt

  • Persons who have a current CWP and are wanting to refresh their knowledge.
  • Out-of-state law enforcement officers or South Carolina retired officers.  Must show proof of academy completion when submitting CWP packet.
  • Current or former military personnel whom has completed basic training.  Must provide DD214 when submitting CWP packet.

Course Cost $70.00

Private Classes Available

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